Right Ear of a Canopic Jar


Among the artefacts found during the excavation of a shaft-tomb situated near the shaft-tomb of the Divine Adoratrice Karomama (excavation season 2015) and dating also to the Third Intermediate Period, there is the right ear of the jackal-headed lid of a canopic jar (or of a jackal-headed dummy canopic jar), made of limestone. There are very good reasons to think that this tomb and the tomb of Karomama have been robbed exactly at the same time and by the same team, which leads us to the antiquities dealer Triantaphylos, also named “Wardi”, known to have sold in 1844 nine ushabtis and two canopic jars coming from the tomb of Karomama to Karl R. Lepsius.

Considering this, we wonder whether the canopic jar to which the right ear belonged (and maybe the three others canopic jars) may not have also been sold in the 1840s by Triantaphylos and may not have eventually landed in a public collection, unless they are still kept in a private collection.

In sum, this is a kind of a “message in a canopic jar”, in the hope that someone would know of a canopic jar that could fit with the remaining ear… The photos and a description of the piece can be found right below.

Any help would be very welcome!
Nicolas Gauthier.


Right ear of the jackal-headed lid of a canopic jar or of a jackal-headed dummy canopic jar

Material: limestone

Dimensions: Height: 8.3 cm; Width: 5.1 cm; Depth: 5.1 cm

Two features are especially worthy of note: the yellow line underlining the base of the ear and the remains of black resin on the break, probably from an antic repair. There may be similar remains on the lid, where the ear was.